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"Let's Play Hockey Expo" Video: "In The Crease"
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New Items in the Store
There are new t-shirts and a new DVD in the store. Click on this link to go there now! Visit Website ]

The "third" team
Yes, the referees, especially in the two-referee system of roller hockey, need a great deal of teamwork in order to provide the players with the highest degree of safety and fairness during the competition. Not only are the players always scrutinizing and judging referees, but the referees are also constantly critiquing each other.

Brian Burke on NHL officiating
Brian Burke served as the National Hockey League’s senior Vice President and Director of Hockey Operations since Commissioner Gary Bettman brought him on board in 1993. He is currently the GM of the successful Anaheim Ducks.

BlueLine Talk Radio & 101 Hockey Tips
Hockey Player Magazine has been in certain hockey spotlight these past few weeks. Our favorite has been with BlueLine Talk Radio host Millian.

101 Hockey Tips Coming Soon
With the NHL back, hockey about to start, and players lacing up their skates again, we are excited to release 101 Hockey Tips.

If you haven't heard or read about this, I can't call you a hockey fan.
The latest news about the CBA.

Rink Management Services To Acquire Operations of North American Ice
A Press Release from RMS.

Asthma & Hockey
After my son was diagnosed with *Reactive Airway Disease - I started learning more and more about the respiratory system and how it effects lifestyles.The bronchioles inflame and Ice Hockey often feels good as the cold air opens the airway and providing a means for the air to travel properly allowing an asthmatic to exercise longer and at a more intensity which may trigger an attack.

From the NHL to Europe
See a list of the 370+ NHL players that have made the switch from North American hockey to European play. Visit Website ]

Hockey Player Dies After Blocking Shot
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Pickup hockey site launched is a North American portal web site designed to create an online community for recreational ice and roller hockey players of all skill levels and ages. This site is a virtual place where recreational hockey players can visit to find other recreational players wishing to play the game in their region. This is an absolutely free service provided to the recreational hockey community. Check it out.
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Cornell camp diary
A player shares her experiences from the adult women’s hockey camp at Cornell University

Web site helps find games
A new web site provides amateur hockey teams with a means of networking with other teams to schedule exhibition and scrimmage games.

High sticking: Keeping your lumber low
If you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime. The absolute worst infraction a player can commit is to deliberately strike an opponent in the face with his stick. A high sticking penalty can result in a match penalty that calls for an automatic suspension, and a review by the league. Plus, additional fines and suspensions may be handed down.

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