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Roller Hockey

Roller Hockey
ACE Jerseys
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Roller Hockey
Hyper Hockey
Hyper shows off their wheel technology including their 3 pore wheel. Visit Website ]

Roller Hockey
Labeda Wheels
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Roller Hockey
Defending a summer love
Let’s look at some of the issues of discontent, and set the record straight on what kind of entertainment one can expect next summer when attending a roller hockey match-up.

Roller Hockey
How to Implement a Defensive System
Roller hockey is more like European ice hockey than the North American ice game because there is more time and space available to the attackers.

Roller Hockey
Profile: Daniel Shank
“The key to success is practice. Put 100 percent into your game and practice hard and with desire every day. The more you do it, the better you’re going to get at it.”

Roller Hockey
Parking lot practice: Make your game automatic
Outdoor practice time on inlines is good exercise, and it's usually free. Best of all, it will improve your game. Inline skates, a stick and a flat, paved, safe surface are all that is needed to create a practice facility for improving hockey skills.

Roller Hockey
Implementing a defensive system in roller hockey
Playing team defense in roller hockey is a challenge. High-scoring roller games are the rule rather than the exception. Develop a defensive plan before your team takes the floor, or prepare to be blown out every game.

Roller Hockey
Making practice more perfect
You’ve certainly heard the expression “Practice makes perfect.” And it can, but only if both players and coaches conduct themselves responsibly.

Roller Hockey
The best defense is a good offense
When it comes to talking about defensive strategies for roller hockey, I often use the old sports cliche “the best defense is a good offense.” Some hockey experts, most with ice hockey backgrounds, cringe at that kind of talk. Old-time hockey coaches might even consider the statement sacrilegious; however, the fact remains that in roller hockey the deck is stacked against the defense. There is simply more time and space available to the offense, which encourages an offensive possession-style rather than a defense-first style; hence, the best defense really is a good offense.

Roller Hockey
Get It and Go!
Ice and roller hockey share the same simple offensive objective: create time and space between yourself and the opposing team in order to move the puck into position for a high-percentage scoring opportunity.

Roller Hockey
Stops: a blend of technique, wheels and floor
When ice hockey players take up roller hockey, they generally want to know two things: how to make a hockey stop on inline skates and what kind of wheels they should use. The answers to these questions are interconnected...

Roller Hockey
How to beat the heat
All athletes have to worry about overheating in warm weather, but roller hockey players are especially vulnerable because of heat build-up under all that equipment.

Roller Hockey
Hockey is hockey
I didn’t put the words “roller hockey” in the title because fewer hard-core ice players would read it. But that’s what this is about. Ramblings, random thoughts and opinion on inline hockey—from the perspective of someone who plays both versions of the best sport in the world:

Roller Hockey
More on improving inline skills
I now return to more individual drills and exercises you can do to improve your inline hockey skating skills. The first thing I’d like to discuss are glide turns.

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