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Power Skating

Power Skating
10 tips to better skating
As the story goes, NHL defenseman Paul Coffey once used a unique approach to help speed up his skating: he wore a skate up to three sizes too small for his foot. Sure, it hurt. That was the point.

Power Skating
More on Power Skating
When I teach the hockey skating clinics and schools around the world, I feel one of my top priorities as a teacher is to present you, the student, information in such a way so that you can retain it...

Power Skating
Power Skating
I want to share with you some of the techniques and drills that we have used with players such as Tony Granato, Rick Tocchet, Charlie Huddy and others during difficult lockout periods.

Power Skating
Greater Performance Inc Reveals New Hockey Training Product
Greater Performance Inc is rapidly becoming the speed training equipment of choice for professional teams. GPI-USA has recently released new Hockey speed training equipment called the Pro Elite and the Junior Elite Packages. The Pro and Junior Elite packages were made to increase speed and quickness on and off the ice.

Power Skating
Skating tips for coaches
No matter where I am coaching power skating I am constantly asked this one question by everyday coaches: "How do we incorporate skating training into our practices when we barely have enough ice time to teach shooting, passing, positional play and strategy?"

Power Skating
More tips for skating imagery
The goal of learning skating imagery is to get you to a point where you can practice skating on your own and be able to draw pictures in your mind of what you are doing both right and wrong. These mental images will make it much easier for you to remember more of the details of powerful skating; and retention is the key to improvement.

Power Skating
Visualizing improved skating technique
One of the great problems in practicing your skating is quite often not your lack of effort but your lack of knowing whether you are practicing proper techniques, or simply entrenching your bad habits even more. To quote Jack Blatherwick in his book Overspeed, “Practice does not make perfect it only makes permanent.”

Power Skating
Visualization exercises
In this article I’ll outline some of the more important visualization exercises that you can work on, whether it be on-ice, inline skating or even as off-ice/dry land training.

Power Skating
Proper use of edges
Using edges well is paramount to the success of any skater; and yet, I find that many, many of our students at all levels of play have a problematic lack of understanding for how to get excellent use of the edges.

Power Skating
Q & A: Let them slide
When I do an ice hockey stop, I can stop all right with my toes facing left. But when I try [the other way] my skates just slide out. I was wondering if you could give some tips and drills to practice so I can be at the top of my game.

Power Skating
Analyzing some great skaters
From time to time I like to discuss the skating strengths of NHL players. We do this to give you a different perspective while watching these players perform, one that will help you improve your own skating by better understanding what makes these players move so fluidly on the ice.

Power Skating
Skating faster -- with the puck
I am a big proponent of keeping one hand on the stick, especially in open ice situations where you need to build up speed through the neutral zone.

Power Skating
Skating skills for centers and wings
Three of the most important skating skills a center or wing can master are forward lateral moves, face-off positioning and forward starts.

Power Skating
A cookbook for better skating
I have decided to put an overall skating checklist together for you—the common themes for better skating that work no matter what maneuver you are performing—of the most important things to remember for better overall skating.

Power Skating
Pros and cons of training with inlines
One of the questions that I am often asked is my opinion of inline skates as compared to ice hockey skates. Do I feel they are beneficial as a training tool for the ice hockey player?

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