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Defensive Zone Coverage
Players need to accept defensive responsibilities as a crucial part of the game and understand the importance of keeping things simple and basic in your own zone.

The Left Wing Lock
The left wing lock is a controlled forechecking system that was popularized by the Detroit Redwings in the late 1990ís. Before I get into the details of this system, it is important to note that there are a few variations of the Left Wing Lock.

Left Wing Lock
"When playing the left-wing lock, your defense would have nothing worse than a three-
on-three situation 99 percent of the time. Those three defenders (the two defensemen and the left winger) stand up, most of the time before the blueline, and it takes the speed away from the offensive team."

It's Where You Want To Be!
Defensive Positioning with Scott Neidermayer & Keith Carney.

On Defense with Stu Grimson
An interview with Stu Grimson on defense, attitude, and mental approach.

Foot speed and quickness for defensemen
Can I suggest that the next time you watch a professional game that you pay particular attention to the defense, especially their feet. This may seem like an odd assignment, but upon further review you will notice that a defensemenís feet never stop moving.

The man-down, defensive-zone box
When your team is a man down, you need to know how to play "the box" in defending your zone. This powerful defensive tactic will keep will help keep the puck out of the net while your man in in the penalty box.

Foot foot speed and quickness for defensemen
So many defensemen are expected to step-up or take the body on opposing forwards, but very rarely are these defensemen taught what exactly is involved in accomplishing these tasks. The first and foremost skill that should be taught is foot speed and quickness.

How to block shots
Both defensemen and forwards should know how to block shots and do so on a regular basis. With a properly-executed shot block, you can avoid injury while keeping the puck from reaching your goalie.

Winning those one-on-one battles
For a defenseman, the meaning of the term ďone-on-oneĒ is not just limited to a forward breaking down on a defenseman. Typically, this is the picture that most people have in their minds...

10 tips for defensemen
1) Quick feet. Itís necessary for defensemen to move as fast backward as your opponent does forward...

Defending the one-on-one
There arenít too many plays more exciting than a forward beating a defenseman in a one-on-one situation to score a goal. And as a defensemanóthere arenít too many plays more embarrassing. To keep yourself from being on the wrong side of these highlight films, here are a few tips to keep in mind when defending the one-on-one.

Be a better defensive skater
It was not that long ago that the biggest, slowest players were the ones that ended up in goal or on defenseóbut, boy have times changed. Nowadays, defensemen have to be the best all-around skaters.

Three simple team systems
There are three commonly used defensive systems; the 2-1-2, the center support system, and the 1-2-2. We first discuss each playerís role within these three models, then explain the systems themselves.

Defense: The puck stops here
Some coaches say you canít win without good defense, and as coaches we agree. Defense is where it all starts. Even if your team is able to tally high scores, but you allow an equal amount of goals against, much of your teamís effort will be wasted without a solid defense.

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