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Tips for winning tournaments
Tournaments are an exciting change of pace for youth hockey teams. They provide a chance to test individual and team skills against new teams, to travel, and play at different rinks against different teams. Winning the tournament is even more rewarding, but it rarely happens by mere chance.

Injury prevention through protection
Remember the good old days of professional ice hockey? When there were no helmets or face masks, and only questionable padding? Pop in a video of the Bobby Orr era and see what the goalies wore. If they donned anything at all, it was a thin, plastic face shield. Yes, those were the days of broken noses, lost teeth, and countless lacerations (or worse!) to the head and body. Now, fast forward to today...

An agent can be your ally
In this installment, we'll talk about other ways, beyond attributes, a player can improve on his odds. One of the best ways for an NHL prospect to increase his chances of being drafted is to hire the services of an agent. I'll explain why.

Travel tips: Pre-trip parent meetings
Anytime your team is planning on traveling, it is important that those involved in the trip’s organization include an information meeting for parents and athletes as part of the planning process.

Travel tips: Booking tournament hotels
How can you as a coach and administrator ensure that the weekend you have devoted so much energy to is hassle free? Let’s focus on the planning and preparation phase and look specifically at the accommodations for the weekend.

Motivation and development of the young player
It can be difficult for players and parents to know at what point motivation strays over into the tricky area of child endangerment. Hockey, with all of its complexities, has many gray areas when it comes to learning skills, so parents who wish to become involved in the development of their child’s game would do well to know at what age any given skill should be expected from their young champ.

Special attributes of younger athletes
Let’s look at some of the special attributes of younger athletes, keeping in mind that hockey is among the safest of all contact sports and that many of the risks associated with playing the game can be minimized.

The most lacking skill in your players
“They need to be drilled with any movements in a confined space where they’ve got to move their feet as quickly as they can in a lateral way.”

More youth coaching with Pat Burns
A coach plays a big part in how much any youngster enjoys his formative hockey experiences. That’s why parents and youth hockey organizers would be well advised to consider what kind of coach they want in charge of their kids.

Youth coaching tips from Pat Burns
Before he transformed the Toronto Maple Leafs from perennial losers into a perennial Final Four team, before he won 204 games with Montreal, and before he built a .594 winning percentage as an NHL bench boss, Pat Burns coached kids.

Being seen
Let’s say “A” equals the road to the NHL, which is paved with NCAA Division I, II and III colleges, universities, and one or two Russian or Canadian connections. If “B” is the avenue dotted with prep schools that short-step you to the NCAA Division schools, where does A-minus-B leave you?

Parents: How to get involved
The No.1 concern shared by parents all across the country is figuring out what’s best for your hockey player. “The parent who drops their kid off at practice and goes for coffee is committing a serious error.

The worlds first hockey game?

Hockey camp on a budget
Do you want to improve your hockey skills but are short of cash for a camp or clinic?

Hockey school reality check
One glance at the long list of summer hockey camps, here in the US and in Canada, is enough to confuse both player and parent.

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