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Equipment Bag

Equipment Bag
Hockey Hands
This small bottle of Hockey Hands will leave your hands smelling a lot better after wearing your gloves for a gruelling game of hockey. Visit Website ]

Equipment Bag
Easton Skates
Easton shows off the Stealth 15 skate, the lightest skate on the market. It's under 700 grams. Visit Website ]

Equipment Bag
Easton Hockey Sticks
Easton talks about their newest Synergy stick and how their quality sticks are manufactured. Visit Website ]

Equipment Bag
Impact Products: ZoomBang
This gear molds when it is moved slowly, but when the energy hits it, like a puck, it stays stiff and strong. It's an interesting product called ZoomBang. Visit Website ]

Equipment Bag
Kor Hockey
Kor Hockey talks about their "baking the boot" technology so you get the most out of you strides. Visit Website ]

Equipment Bag
Mission Itech Hockey Products
Mission-Itech shares this year's newest products with us. From skates, gloves, and helmets, these products look to make a presence in the retail hockey market. Visit Website ]

Equipment Bag
Funk Free Video Review
Funk Free takes the hockey smell out of your gear. Just a few quick sprays after practice and you should be smelling much better! Visit Website ]

Equipment Bag
The Turbo Puck
The Turbo Puck is a great puck for roller hockey. Check it out at your local retail store! Visit Website ]

Equipment Bag
Warrior Sports with Al Iafrate
Former NHLer Al Iafrate shows off Warriors newest stick technologies for hockey players. Visit Website ]

Equipment Bag
WSI Sports
A look at the Hockey Joc, team uniform apparel, and other great products from WSI. Visit Website ]

Equipment Bag
"Let's Play Hockey Expo" Video: Fury Sports & The Ultimate Passer
Visit Website ]

Equipment Bag
"Let's Play Hockey Expo" Video: The Fly Puck
The Fly Puck offers you a chance to improve your stickhandling at with different needs kept in mind. There is the light puck, the regulation puck, and the heavier puck. All promise to work on any surface.

Equipment Bag
A Look at Butts
Long, short, squared off, nubbed borders, shaved down, or built up
cylindrical casts of tape. These are the handles of a hockey stick. The
handle is commonly referred to as the butt end.

Equipment Bag
SRS: Get Back in the Game!
What do you do with a broken shaft? Don't want to spend another $100+? SRS Hockey has a new way for your stick to get back in the game.

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Equipment Bag
It's all in the bag
Tired of throwing half your gear on the locker room floor just to find your shin guards? To make dressing easier and to help avoid forgetting equipment, the following should help -- a simple, ordered list to help you pack your bag.

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