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Training Room

Training Room
"Let's Play Hockey Expo" Video: Box Hockey
A look at a great way to work your arms, learn how to stickhandle better, and attack in order to win those battles in the corners.

Training Room
Building a Better Base
Key exercises to improve skating power and speed in hockey

Training Room
Coaching Objectives
One Day at a Time: Even the world's best goaltenders have their learning days. Here are five Coaching Objectives, which were developed to help give some order to the coaching process.

Training Room
Book Review: Hockey Conditioning
The enemy of all hockey players is fatigue. Regardless of how strong you are, how fast you are or how much skill you possess, fatigue can rob you of your ability to play effectively. Hockey Fitness: Year-Round Conditioning On and Off the Ice emphasizes the importance and the uniqueness of hockey fitness.

Training Room
A primer on chronic injuries
Even the most highly trained, conditioned and agile hockey players sustain injuries that at times do not go away. Injuries that occur and last more than six months are technically considered "chronic." " Chronic injuries occur frequently to the shoulder and upper extremities, the back, neck and to the lower extremities, especially around the groin, the hamstring and knee areas.

Training Room
Eat, drink and play better:
How to eat and win

We're not talking diets here. There will be no mention of wheat germ, fiber, rice cakes, or frozen entrees with less taste than the cardboard cartons they come in. No, what we're talking about is nutrition: the basic things your body needs-whether you're a professional athlete or a weekend warrior-in order to function efficiently and stay healthy.

Training Room
What to do this summer
Okay, so your team won the state championship or you centered the first line on the best team in your club. So now what? Summer is here. Now what are you going to do?

Training Room
5 Ways to reduce post-game soreness
You’ve just played a good, hard game. But your legs ache and you’re tired. Such a scene occurs in almost any sport one plays for recreation. But you have a unique problem. You play hockey and your games can end (or often start) after the late night news...

Training Room
Reflections on training with Mathieu Schneider
“When you go on the ice for a practice you have a coach pushing you all the time. In the summer when you’re training by yourself, it’s easy to slack off if you’re not really being pushed.”

Training Room
Off-ice conditioning for goalies
A goalkeeper, more than any other position player in any other sport, is often extremely neglected in terms of proper training, both on and off the ice. That’s why it’s important to remember that goaltenders need an off-ice, pre-season training program.

Training Room
Power foods
A high-performance race car runs best on high-octane gas. And just as the right gas is essential for performance in an engine, the food you eat is the fuel that powers your internal engine—your body.

Training Room
Summer workouts
Regardless of their natural talent level, the common thread all pros have is that they work at their game year-round in one way or another. Some NHL players skate 15 hours per week, some only 15 hours the entire offseason—everyone is different.

Training Room
Winning in condition
When you are waiting on the bench for a line change, do you ever wonder from where your next breath will come? Improving your game through proper pre-game and offseason conditioning not only improves your performance, it can make ice hockey easier and more enjoyable.

Training Room
Stay flexible
Here at Hockey Player, we often get letters from goalies—young and old—asking how they can improve the flexibility I stress is critical for a netminder. This month, I will address those questions by offering some examples of exercises that can help increase and maintain flexibility.

Training Room
Should kids train for strenghth?
Bill Kennedy, who owns Maximum Fitness in Cornwall and a kinesiology degree from the University of Windsor, is often asked at what age young hockey players can undertake a strength training regimen.

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